Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Messy Painting

Today we went over to Coby's house to play. Maddy & Louis were there and Alicia, Sammy & Ang came later. We met his Aunty Theresa who has just come back from her travels too. It was a lovely sunny day so we played in the garden and then we did some painting. OOOOOH!! We got very messy but we made some masterpieces. I have displayed one below, what do you think?

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Cleaning Like Nanny Pat

Here I am with my new Hoover. I loved my mop, broom and dustpan & brush set so much Mummy bought me this to add to my collection. I say "cleaning with Nanny Pat!"

Now i just have to buy the washing machine, iron, ironing board ........

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Lazy Bank Holiday

This weekend we all stayed at home and chilled out which was lovely because the weather was sunny.

We did manage to get ourselves together to do a car boot sale on Sunday and made £150 between us (Haz made the most, which he won't let us forget!).

The weekend was so uneventful that the only thing worth taking a photo of was Mummy doing some ironing (now you don't see that happen every week!)

Saturday, 25 August 2007

21 Months Old Today

So what is new .... I am still counting quite well. I like the number 18 for some reason. I can now tell you the colours of things which are blue, yellow, red, green, orange, purple or pink. I am learning shapes now. I know triangles and stars. Daddy has also taught me to say ABCDE.
The funniest thing happened today... we were sitting in the garden eating our dinner and Harry said "Don't worry" and I just came out with "Be Happy". Mummy and Harry just stared open mouthed at each other for ages as they couldn't believe their ears until Daddy told them that he had been teaching me to say it in the bath. LOL!!!!
I now like to run everywhere and quite often shout RUN RUN RUN.
I have a fantastic memory. I can remember things that have happened ages ago. For example, Ollie's Daddy gave me some chocolate months and months ago and the other day when I said goodbye to him I said "John chocolate!"
Today Daddy left a ladder in the garden leaning against the wall and I climbed up 3 steps and had to shout for Mummy to get me down. She nearly had a fit!
I have got a bit picky with my dinners lately. I will eat it if it's PASTA! I'm ok for the rest of the day breakfast, lunch and snacks but my dinner has to be pasta or at the very most beans and cheese. Ho hum perhaps Mummy needs to buy an Italian cookery book!
So there you go ..... everything is going ok
Love Lola xxx

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Harry's Back

Harry went to Portugal for 4 weeks and came back as brown as a berry and with lots of funny stories to tell. We really missed him and thankfully he really missed us too. All he wanted to do when he came home was stay in, lie on our big sofas, get a curry takeaway and a DVD! It's lovely to be home eh? Here's some pictures of me helping him eat his cheese on toast. As soon as he gave me a piece I disappeared quickly! He wanted me to mention that he had just got up and was not looking his best in these photos!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Wrap Up Warm It's August

The weather has been really cold again this week and I have been wearing my warmer clothes. This inspired Mummy to buy me some new nightwear. She bought me some 'pretty flowers' pyjamas and a lovely pink dressing gown and slippers. What do you think?

When I put them on for the first time Mummy said: "Show Daddy" so everytime I wear my dressing gown I say "Show Daddy!"

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My Idea Of Heaven.....

... is lying on the floor in my lounge wear, sucking my thumb watching Dora The Explorer! Last week there were 3 special hour long episodes which I have watched lots and lots of times. I can now tell you what is going to happen before it happens and what is said before it is said!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Meet Bluebell

Grandad Mick has bought me a blue mini lop rabbit and I have called her Bluebell. I couldn't work out what she was at first and was a bit timid of her but now I ask to go and see her all the time.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Baking Day

Today Laura & Daisy and Coral, Ollie & Rebecca came over to make cakes and biscuits for our Coffee Morning tomorrow. We spent all day weighing, mixing and produced lots of beautiful cakes

Monday, 6 August 2007

Sizzling In Brighton - Day 2

Last night we had an early night! So I was up and about at 5.30 am! Mummy & Daddy were very pleased. After breakfast we went for a 2 mile walk to Brighton Marina. All the way there I was chatting about 'seagulls', 'sea', 'water', 'sharks', 'turtles', 'olives', 'shells' and anything else I could see or remember.
When we got there I fell asleep, I was so worn out by all the walking and running I had just done. Mummy & Daddy had a wander then decided to read the paper and have a coffee at one of the bars there.
On the way back to the hotel Daddy bought Mummy some lovely earrings for her birthday (I know, a bit late but better than nothing eh?!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sizzling In Brighton - Day 1

This weekend we went to Brighton and had a fantastic time. It was the hottest day of the year so far. As we knew it was going to be a busy day we got up really early and set off in darkness and arrived at 6am! (Just as the last of the Gay Pride party people were finishing up their drinks and leaving!)

We were very lucky as there was a room ready at the hotel for us, so we had a nap for a couple of hours and when we emerged again Brighton was a different place. The beach and streets had been cleaned up, the sun was shining brightly and the beach was busy. Hoorah!

After the morning on the beach we went for lunch at Zizzi's for some pasta (of course!). I loved the olives, although I called them grapes at first, spent my time between mouthful saying hello to the waitresses.
In the afternoon we wandered around The Lanes, walked through the Royal Pavilion gardens and then we visited Brighton Pier where I had lots of fun looking over the edge looking for seagulls and boats.

We then went to the Sea Life Centre and saw some turtles, sea horses, sting rays and some SHARKS - look me and Daddy got eaten!

After being in the dark for a while we decided to visit the beach again just as the sun was getting lower in the sky. There was a band playing in one of the bars and the beach was still packed with people who were just sitting and chilling out so we joined them!

Well, I guess even the best days have to come to an end. I had my tea in Caffe Nero, I was promised cheese but I got mozzarella with basil on tomato bread (yuk!), I I drank Mummy's fruit booster instead!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Come For Tea!

Today both Nannies and Grandads came over for tea. We sat outside and had chicken, potatoes, salad and don't forget my favourite .... PASTA!
Grandad Rod sat in one of the Fatboys and couldn't get out! I sat with him and we draw pictures and did some colouring.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Fun In The Garden

As the weather was so lovely again today we decided to stay at home and play in the garden. I was covered in sun cream, the water table and paddling pool were filled with water so I was ready to play.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

My First Haircut

Today we went to see Carol to get my very first haircut. Mummy put a lock of it in a safe place to keep forever. Here's how I got on:

At first I was a bit scared ....

... then excited ....

... then worried ...

... and now I'm glad it's all over!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Breakfast In The Sunshine

Summer has finally decided to show itself, so this morning I had my cereal and toast on the decking with Mummy. It was beautiful.