Sunday, 31 August 2008

End Of Summer BBQ

Today we went to Ollie's house for a BBQ. The weathermen threatened thunderstorms but luckily the weather held off until we went home.
I played with Ollie & Jonny in Ollie's new car and they played with the train set so I went and got the microwave cooker down and cooked up a treat!!
Oh and there was a big green frog in the pond - can you see it in the picture?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Dentist II

Today I had my first proper check up with the dentist. I sat in his chair and laid back and opened my mouth without being asked! He then shone a bright light above my head and put a small mirror inside my mouth to have a look and count my teeth. He then said that they were too wet so he blew some cold air into my mouth. It made me jump but then I laughed. He said I had 20 beautiful teeth and that the back 4 were nearly through.

He then gave me a sticker for being such a good, brave girl.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Swings, Cows & Ollie

Today we went for a walk to the park and around the block but it was extra special because Ollie and his Mummy & Daddy came too.

"Come on, Ollie push harder"

"Where's the ducks gone?"

"They've swum away!"
Time to go home "Goodnight Cows"

I am 2-and-three-quarters!

How time flies! So what's new ...

As you know I am now in my bed and have settled in ok. At first I kept getting out early in the morning but I now get up at my usual 7am. If it's before that I ask if it's breakfast time and if not I got and play in my bedroom until we are allowed to go down stairs.

I don't need any help with the toilet now (when at home) I just take myself off and sit on the toilet - I do like to declare when I have a poo and like people to come and have a look! I don't use the potty or toilet training seat anymore I have my own style of getting on and off which is quite amusing.

I am really interested in the time. I can understand where the small hand should be. When we are going out at a certain time Mummy sets the hands on my clock to that time and I then wait until the big clock says the same and get really excited when it is getting near.

Although we have had a rubbish summer I have spent a lot of time out there. Usually dressed in a top, knickers and wellies! I have been digging Daddy's plants up and making holes. I have discovered woodlice, spiders, beetles, flies, bees, wasps and I am amazed by them all. I can find the tiniest one in the smallest hole in my playhouse. I am not frightened off them though.

I still love playing with my babies and I spend most of my time with them and taking them shopping and having tea parties and picnics with them. They love plastic food! I am also getting quite good on my scooter now and wizz around on my toddle truck too.

Mummy has been waiting for the "Why" stage for ages but I don't just say "Why" I say "Why and then repeat the whole sentence and I keep going until Mummy has to say "I don't know!!"

I eat really well, I have been eating lots of different fruit and like to make fruit plates with Mummy in the mornings. I don't like potato very much, and if I don't like the look of something I won't even try it.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Al's Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Al!

Today we went to Al's birthday garden party. It was great fun. Coby loved pulling me around and I just followed. I'm not used to someone else bossing me around!!

Here we are in the WILD GARDEN behind the hedges.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Kid's Club Cinema

Today I went to the cinema for the first time. We met Louis & Coby there and we all sat in a row with our popcorn. We saw a film called The Fox & The Child which was about a fox and a child!!

I was very good and learnt that I had to whisper when talking and to sit very still. We had a couple of trips to the toilet (only actually went once though)!

Look at the picture of Me and Maddy and the state of the floor!!

Friday, 22 August 2008

The Angels

Here's Ollie & I at The Angels again. We love it here. We have got so confident that we try to climb UP the slide and sometimes on the OUTSIDE of the slide - yeehah - go Ollie!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Summer Tots

Over the summer holidays we have been going to Summer Tots (which is like Ladybirds but a different venue!)
Here's me & Ollie going shopping tandem!

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Today we went for a walk in Stotfold where Mummy grew up. We went to the Riverside and went to the bottom of the field under the willow trees which were tiny when Mummy was small. How things change. We decided to hug a tree while we were there!

We then went to The Green which is the park where Mummy used to play. The swings were still the old ones she used to go on.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Olympics 2008

Since the Beijing Olympics started on the 8th August I have been fighting for attention from Mummy because she has been glued to it. Here are some of the things I have tried:

Kitchen sprint

Shot put

and Judo

What do you think - do i deserve any gold medals?

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Strange August Weather

One minute the sun is shining and then I have to put my wellies on to splash in the puddles.