Saturday, 28 February 2009

Swimming Lesson No. 7

Today at swimming we added 'frogs legs' to the list of exercises. Becky had to help me do it at first "in, out, squeeze", "in, out, squeeze", "in, out, squeeze".

After the lesson I played hide and seek with Dominic and I think I have finally met someone who talks more than I do. He is 4 and he gave me a hug and told me that he loved me. Well I didn't know what to say!!

Special Babies Unite

Today we went for lunch at the Red Lion with Laine & Keiran, Jake & Lila and Liz (Kitty couldn't make it because she had a ballet lesson). These are Mummy's friends she made while she was going through her IVF journey. We are all special babies because it took a while for us to turn up!! Kitty was first in January 2004, I was next in November 2005, then Keiran in October 2007 (born May 2006) and finally Lila in July 2008. There one big happy family!!

Suddenly I'm camera shy!

"So what shall we order?"

Little Lila

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I'm 3-and-a-quarter!

How time flies eh? So what has happened in the last 3 months:
Mummy is using phrases like: "Don't be cheeky" and "Stop being rude" as I have so much to say for myself and I do have an answer for everything.
Mummy came to play at Goslings the other day and she was told by Sarah that they have to watch what they say around me because I repeat everything they say or have a comment to make!
I can do lots of things without being reminded now like washing my hands after going to the toilet and before I eat, I say to Mummy: "I have washed them, smell them" and I hold my hands out for Mummy to smell the soap.
I make my bed and tidy my room before going down to breakfast and I put my dirty washing in the basket at the end of the day.
We don't use the buggy very much now. I like to walk or run everywhere. Not keen on my scooter though, think I still need some practice.
We now get books from the library which have chapters and we read a chapter each night. I pick out the letters that I recognise and ask lots of questions. I say more words that are actually in the book because I guess I like talking!!
One of my favourite games to play in the bath is when Mummy puts her hand over the plug hole when the water is running out and it makes a noise like a growling tiger or bear. I have to rescue all the toys out of the bath water and then 'swim' to the other end of the bath so the tiger (or bear) doesn't get me!
My paintings at Goslings haven't improved. I still like to smear the paint with my hands or the brush so it is just one big painted mess. I like to describe it as something very different though.
I have lots of new friends at Goslings: there is Sonny (who we know from Sticky Mitts) he stays all day on a Wednesday and we eat our packed lunch together, there is Layla and Izzy, Isobel & Isobella, Mia who doesn't like sharing, Henri who talks as much as I do, Eddie and of course Stephanie, who is very shy still.
We still go to the toy and book library regularly with Ollie & Coral, swimming on Saturdays at Mummy's gym and they new thing I do is go in the Creche at Mummy's gym on Thursdays while she does a run. I love that because I get to play with older children and babies too.

Hi Samuel

Today Mummy went to meet Samuel and to make sure Vicki was ok. Mummy said that Vicki was doing very well and that Samuel was very cute. She also saw Simon & Olly.

Olly opening his present from all his friends on becoming a big brother

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake Day

Mummy had a go .....

... Daddy had a go ....

... Dillon & I ate them!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Handy Manny

Since going to Disneyland Paris in November I have loved watching theDisney Playhouse Channel on TV. It has my favourites including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger & Poo and Handy Manny .
So it was no surprise to Mummy that when we went to the Toy Library I wanted to get a tool kit. The penny dropped and she realised that I wanted to be Handy Manny. So here I am with my tools from left to right: Dusty, Stretch, Rusty, Felipe, Turner, Squeeze, and Pat (Flicker had run off for the photo shoot)!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Skoota Gurl ....

... on her way to the park

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Swimming Lesson No. 6

Today at swimming there were only 3 of us because it was half term. I am getting very confident now and very loud!! I love chatting and swimming on my own with my arm bands on. Today I had to swim on my back with each arm on a float out to each side and put my head back and kick my legs. Now that went well but when I had to swim on my back with my legs stretched out and my hands twirling under water by each side and then kick my legs it went a bit haywire - my legs were going in circles!!!! Fantastic to watch Mummy said!!

A Touch Of Spring

It's been a funny week this week. It's been half term and we have been out of our routine and there has been a touch of Spring in the air. The sun has been out and Mummy has finally taken her thermal vest off!! Today she was full of energy so she cleaned the house from top to bottom and then tidied both the front and the back garden. Me and Daddy were roped in to help too. All that before my swimming lesson!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Samuel Peter Christian August Whent

welcome to the world!! He arrived this evening at 7.28pm weighing 8lb 8oz a little brother for Olly.

Awww bless! xxxx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Retail Therapy????

Today we met Keiran & Laine in WGC for lunch and a chat. Mummy wanted to look at the speakers in John Lewis so we decided to pass the time by watching Ratatouille on the big TV screens in the comfy chairs .... and relax!!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Calm Before The Storm ...

Today Vicki & Olly came over for a play date. The last one before Baby Whent No. 2 arrives this week.
Vicki was very tired so Mummy looked after her and me & Ollie had lots of fun playing with my pram except he kept pushing it over to play with the wheels. My poor babies!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Funny Things I Do

When I get home in the afternoons the first thing I do is go for a wee and put my pyjama trousers on, grab Dillon and sit and suck my thumb and watch Disney Playhouse. I LOVE CHILLIN' OUT!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Swimming Lesson No. 5

Today at swimming we did the usual warm up and then we had to swim on our fronts and hold a float in one hand and pull the other arm over and say 'scoop the ice cream!!'' Fantastic. I kept saying it all day. After swimming we went to the cafe and I played with the 2 Katies and the 2 boys in my class. We were running around and playing hide and seek. Good job there's lots of space.

Mummy's Valentine

Who is it? xxx

Happy Valentine's Day

I wonder who it could be from? xxxx

Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentine's Card

Here I am writing out Ollie's Valentine's Card. It says:

Your favourite train is Thomas

And his boss is the Fat Controla

Your my favourite Valentine

Lots of love from ?

Tee hee do you think he will guess who it's from!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Surprise Snow Attack

Mummy went to work this afternoon and it started snowing gently and by the time she finished everywhere was covered in a blanket of snow. She took this picture at her last call up Fairfield Park ....... pretty ain't it?

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Here's A Photo Of Dillon

which I took myself.

He's looking a bit old and scruffy now but I love him more than ever xxxxx

Friday, 6 February 2009

Proper Snow Day

Well it's been snowing all week and today was worse than ever. I only went to school on Wednesday and Harry has been off college and Daddy has been at home too and today Mummy even had to stay at home and not go to work. Yipee.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snowy Day No. 2 - Daddy To The Rescue


Monday, 2 February 2009

Biggest Snowfall For 18 Years ...

so Harry and I decided to build a snowman in the back garden ....

... first your pick up the snow .....

.... then you stand about thinking about where to build it ......

... and then you try to find where you built the midgit snowman!!!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Last Tea!!

As there are severe weather warnings for tomorrow we thought we had better go and see Ollie and his family in case we get snowed in forever!!!

Here we are enjoying afternoon tea and reading a book nicely together. Aren't we good little children (but of course we do have our moments!)