Monday, 6 September 2010

First Day At St Andrew's Primary School

Today I started school and I was very excited. There are 13 children in my class: Me, Jessica, Cleo, Amy, Daisy, Bea, William, Henry, Riju, Joe, Charlie, Archie & Barnaby. My teacher's name is Mrs Hulme.

By the end of the first half term I could read sentences and had won the Achievers Award so I had a tea party with Mrs Chernik, the Head Teacher.

I was also able to write Mummy a cheeky note "To Mum, No, From Lola. She was so impressed she didn't tell me off!. Now I can't wait to be 5.

Very proud moment

Daddy came too...

We met Jessica on the way ....

Jessica, me, Amy, Bea & Daisy waiting to go in

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